Version 1.7.28


  • 2105 icons of icofont, using the categories on  (Icons can be used as images in the pictocard layout template or in picto pages)
  • Tags for pictosheets in the picto list. Use the right mouse button menu to set tags to a pictosheet. This will be used to group the sheets into folders in the pictolist.


  • Icon picker can now handle larger amount of icons
  • Refresh pictolist is now also working in large network office mode


  • When no tag is set, the <no tag> is selected.
  • When you want to remove all tags, you simple select the <no tag>
  • When you want to rename a tag for 1 sheet, you unselect the ‘old’ tag and type a new one.
  • When multiple sheets have the same tag(s) you can do the same as above for al those sheets at once.

I am already working on improving the tags functionality, to make it easier to rename or delete a single tag etc.

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