Version 1.7.29


  • Pictoboard actions, see explanation below
  • Rename and delete of Tags
  • Some more tips


  • Use "picto title" in sheets and pages instead of "picto name" and "picto description"
  • Proper use of plural in texts
  • Improving pictoboard drawing and resizing


  • Fixed an possible exception when closing Picto-Selector
  • Copy and move of text pictos containg a = went wrong
  • Spanish translation was causing exception (in the rotate function)
  • Inserted pictos from pictolist do now receive the proper border settings


Pictos can now be clicked and start actions:

  • Open another pictosheet or pictopage
  • Play one of the included pictoboard sounds
  • Play some music defined with MML, visit this page for an explanation
  • Speak some text, using installed Sapi 5 voice

Also, pictopages can now also be opened in pictoboard and each object can handle those actions (play a sound when clicking a arrow for example)

Sapi 5 voices are not free, I have found some nice voices on

In the Administrator settings > Pictoboard there are 2 options added:

  • Midi out device: for selecting the midi instrument to use with the MML actions
  • Sapi 5 voice: for selecting the voice (which also defines the language that can be spoken) to use for the speak actions

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