• Placemet


    It is possible to create a placemet layout template and create your own placemets. In this example you can add…

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  • Create a picto ribbon

    Create a picto ribbon

    You can use the export to ribbon to create ribbons

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  • Negative


    Useful when you want to save ink when you use pictos with a black background.

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  • Greyscale


    Useful when you do not want to use color ink.

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  • Fade out

    Fade out

    You can fade out the pictos.

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  • Replace colors

    Replace colors

    You can replace any color in a picto by another color.

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  • Add borders

    Add borders

    Create borders on pictos. Change the thickness, color and rounding.

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  • Good or wrong

    Good or wrong

    This is a colorize option.

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  • Colorize the pictos

    Colorize the pictos

    You can colorize the pictos or put a wrong right sign on them.

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