Version 1.7.25

I’ve renamed the “Flexible Picto Sheet” to “Picto Page”.

Video about the empty picto’s and their usage in picto pages:


  • “Empty Picto” to picto pages, use this with the “Fill Empty” option to quickly add pictos from the picto list or toolbar to your picto page. This “Empty Picto” can have a border and all other options which will be used when inserting pictos.
  • Added the option to use the pictosheet wizard when creating a new picto page.
  • Added the “Fill Empty” option besides “Insert” and “Overwrite”, now using dropdown with images to change this.


  • Improved the conversion from picto sheet to picto page.
  • Picto sheet wizard: Splitted the layout options in two steps.


  • Bug: exception when overwriting a picto in the picto page which was used for a right mouse button menu before.
  • Bug: with too many rows / columns and fixed distances between them, sizes of pictos became negative which resulted in exceptions (fixed by using a minimum size for pictos).

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