Finishing touch

There are many options to enhance your picto sheets.

Some of the options are only available as advanced user. You can turn the advanced user options on in the settings menu.


  • Negative


    Useful when you want to save ink when you use pictos with a black background.

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  • Greyscale


    Useful when you do not want to use color ink.

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  • Fade out

    Fade out

    You can fade out the pictos.

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  • Replace colors

    Replace colors

    You can replace any color in a picto by another color.

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  • Add borders

    Add borders

    Create borders on pictos. Change the thickness, color and rounding.

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  • Good or wrong

    Good or wrong

    This is a colorize option.

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  • Colorize the pictos

    Colorize the pictos

    You can colorize the pictos or put a wrong right sign on them.

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  • Background color

    Background color

    You can change the background color.

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