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Autoexport #

This options is used by people who create a schedule for each day at the start of the week. They save those pictosheets to a folder on their network and use those images on a tablet that is located in their living room.
Every day the corresponding images is shown. Saving those pictosheets to a network location was taking some extra time and they asked if it could be automated.

It is hidden by default and can be activated by changing the settings in “Settings” > “Administrator Settings”
Here you can activate the option, select a folder and the extension to which pictosheets should be exported.

Each pictosheet has now a setting (“Settings” > “Pictosheet Settings”) where a name can be entered which should be used for the export. And the export can be enabled for this pictosheet.

In the “Tools” menu there is a option to perform the auto export. All pictosheets which have an enabled autoexport are now exported.