Picto-Selector versions

Picto-Selector is easy to update, just go to "Help" > "Check for application updates".

Version 1.8.28

  • 184 Arasaac pictos
  • 1 changed Arasaac picto
  • Use new version of development tool
Updating is easy. Just start your Picto-selector program and agree to the update suggestions. (Or Help > Check for update)

Version 1.8.27

  • 328 Arasaac pictos
  • Added network pictos option to skip verification. Useful on slow networks
  • Added commandline option/admin option to not store window positions (-SkipStoreWindowState)
  • Use SSL when contacting Picto-Selector websites

Version 1.8.25

Version 1.8.25 is now online. Added:
  • 302 Arasaac pictos
Updating is easy. Just start your Picto-selector program and agree to the update suggestions.  (Or Help > Check for update)

Version 1.8.24

  • 211 Arasaac pictos
  • support for latest pictogramgenda version
  • give a little more time to close the database on exiting the application
Updating is easy. Just start your Picto-selector program and agree to the update suggestions.  (Or Help > Check for update)

Version 1.8.20

  • 70 Arasaac pictos
  • 38 fontawesome icons, covid-19 related
  • Fix Pictoboard actions and Music player, actions did not work properly and the music player was showing an exception when closing Picto-Selector

Version 1.8.18 – Wine update

Added 1508 Fontawesome icons (you can use those in picto pages and as annotations for picto’s). The icons are nicely categorized. Fix Wine (read Mac OSX) support. This version installs and works very good in Wine. This means there is also support for Mac OSX Catalina, Linux and ChromeOS with the use of Crossover. You can find Picto-Selector on Crossover here: https://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/crossover/picto-selector  

Version 1.8.17

  • 1333 new Arasaac pictos, 1324 black and white Araasac pictos. A zip with new black and white pictos can be founde here: http://pictoselector.sclera.be/ARASAACSymbolSetBW_10.zip
  • Dobble / Spot-it Generator, similar to the bingo generator, but generating card for the dobble game. Some explanation about the dobble game can be found here: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/63268/spot-it

Version 1.8.15

  • When using passwords for the users, users can now change their password in user settings
  • Outside and horizontal lines on pictosheets (selection option in the pictosheet editor)
  • Lots of Russian translations to both the application and pictos
  • Updated to newer version of Delphi HTML components (This is used for the text picto)
  • CTRL+C on a empty picto in a pictosheet caused an exception

Version 1.8.14

  • 52 pictos of Danish users which are based on Arasaac
  • Optionally translators can show their name and link to a website in the main form.
  • Russian translations (application and a lot of pictos) by Ruslan, he is also working with other people to get the pictos translated.
  • The link to the pictogenda stickers website was changed.
  • The updater is can now support https downloads.
  • Improved a lot of code by hunting memory leaks (memory which was not used anymore by Picto-Selector but not given back to Windows to do other things with it)

Version 1.8.13

  • In picto board: a button to keep the board on top of all windows
  • An "Argument out of range" error which causes not al layout templates to load properly

Version 1.8.11

  • Support of Hebrew and Arabic (and other non Latin languages) in the pictosheets. Before characters were not properly stored.
  • The same for pictopages
  • A bug when editing the pictosheet properties. Under some circomstances a exception was raised.

Version 1.8.10

  • 128 Arasaac pictos
  • 116 black and white pictos (these are optional and have to be downloaded and installed seperately. Almost the same can be achived by the grey shades option in Picto-Selector)
  • Auto export option (see description below)
When you already are using the black and white pictos then you can use this download to add only the new images. Removed:
  • The facebook button in the print preview. I removed all links to facebook in this version.
  • Removing frames in the layout template manager was not working properly and showing errors
Autoexport This options is used by people who create a schedule for each day at the start of the week. They save those pictosheets to a folder on their network and use those images on a tablet that is located in their living room. Every day the corresponding images is shown. Saving those pictosheets to a network location was taking some extra time and they asked if it could be automated. It is hidden by default and can be activated by changing the settings in "Settings" > "Administrator Settings" Here you can activate the option, select a folder and the extension to which pictosheets should be exported. Each pictosheet has now a setting ("Settings" > "Pictosheet Settings") where a name can be entered which should be used for the export. And the export can be enabled for this pictosheet. In the "Tools" menu there is a option to perform the auto export. All pictosheets which have an enabled autoexport are now exported.

Version 1.8.9

  • 713 Arasaac pictos, some of them are added to the 16+ category
  • 714 black and white pictos (these are optional and have to be downloaded and installed seperately. Almost the same can be achived by the grey shades option in Picto-Selector)
When you already are using the black and white pictos then you can use this download to add only the new images.

Version 1.8.8

The new functionality in this version is not translated, but this version solves a nasty bug in the pdf export (the bug was introduced in 1.8.7) New in this version:
  • A action to open URL’s. You can define a open URL action for a picto. This will work in Picto-Board and in the RTF export;
  • PDF export will create smaller files, the images in the PDF’s have a better compression now;
  • The PDF export sometimes only showed 1 picto in the PDF;

Version 1.8.7

  • Option to show only images on the reward cards;
  • A new picto of pictogenda: snowmen;
  • 2 new bingo cards layouts: 5x3 and 6x3;
  • Updated some software libraries responsible for creating the PDFs;
  • Fix to the bingo generator, the sheet title was not properly updated and the orientation of the selected layout template was not used (was always portrait);

Version 1.8.6

  • Option to move the print (this button located in the preview dialog)
  • Pictogenda stickers 2018 layout template is centered now, according to the new edition of those stickers (published on 1 december 2017), earlier edition of the stickers can be used with the move option.
Tip for printing stickers: First print on normal paper and put the print behind the stickers before a light. This way you can see if the pictos are printed in the correct position.

Version 1.8.5

  • 1094 #Soyvisual images
  • Annotations


Here is an example of annotations on serveral positions in the pictos: There are 3 predefined options and a custom option:
  • Plural - a + sign in the upperright
  • Future - a arrow pointing to the right in the upper right
  • Past - a arrow pointing to the left in the upper left
  • Custom  - a icon can be selected and shown in one of the corners of the picto using a selected color and size

Version 1.8.4

  • 29 pictogenda pictos
  • Export of the pictos in a pictosheet to a folder (the pictos are exported as they appear on the pictosheet including borders, etc. This export can be found in the File menu)
  • Emoji picker was causing Picto-Selector to stop working

Version 1.8.3

  • Drugs category;
  • Option in welcome wizard to hide some child unfriendly categories; (This was already possible in the administrator setting)
  • Layout template for new Pictogenda stickers;
  • Updated some software components to the latest version;
  • Spelling error in icon category "Weather";
  • Sorting pictosheets online option was empty after retranslation;
  • Picto properties - current border on/off was always overwritten by pictosheet bordersetting

Version 1.8.1

  • Pictoset selection dialog in the pictolist has now options to select all black and white sets or select all colored sets
  • HiDPI fixes
  • updated components which improves the text picto
  • reduced flickering in icon picker
  • categorized more pictos

Version 1.7.30

A video with all the changes in this version can be found on youtube. Added:
  • New templates, I can now use picto pages as layout template for pictosheets
  • Export pictosheets to RTF files
  • Custom copyright texts (some text printed just before the normal copyright message)
  • Bingo Generator
  • Print multiple pictosheet pages on 1 sheet
  • Title and copyright object in picto pages
  • Save ink options now work on whole print page (gray option will make everything, including borders grey)
Bingo Generator
  • You start with the creation of a pictosheet with all the images /pictos you want to use in a bingo game. (25 animals for example)
  • Then you start the bingo generator and select this pictosheet and the bingo layout you want to use.
  • You enter the number of cards you want to generate and how many pictos are reused on the next card (this generates bingo cards which are very similar and that makes the game  more exciting)
  • Then you print the cards and or save them as pages
  • Each generated card will be unique
  • Picto titles can be used by setting the pictotitle option in the pictosheet (the same applies to borders etc)

Version 1.7.29

  • Pictoboard actions, see explanation below
  • Rename and delete of Tags
  • Some more tips
  • Use "picto title" in sheets and pages instead of "picto name" and "picto description"
  • Proper use of plural in texts
  • Improving pictoboard drawing and resizing
  • Fixed an possible exception when closing Picto-Selector
  • Copy and move of text pictos containg a = went wrong
  • Spanish translation was causing exception (in the rotate function)
  • Inserted pictos from pictolist do now receive the proper border settings
Pictoboard Pictos can now be clicked and start actions:
  • Open another pictosheet or pictopage
  • Play one of the included pictoboard sounds
  • Play some music defined with MML, visit this page for an explanation
  • Speak some text, using installed Sapi 5 voice
Also, pictopages can now also be opened in pictoboard and each object can handle those actions (play a sound when clicking a arrow for example) Sapi 5 voices are not free, I have found some nice voices on https://www.cereproc.com/en In the Administrator settings > Pictoboard there are 2 options added:
  • Midi out device: for selecting the midi instrument to use with the MML actions
  • Sapi 5 voice: for selecting the voice (which also defines the language that can be spoken) to use for the speak actions

Version 1.7.28

  • 2105 icons of icofont, using the categories on http://icofont.com/  (Icons can be used as images in the pictocard layout template or in picto pages)
  • Tags for pictosheets in the picto list. Use the right mouse button menu to set tags to a pictosheet. This will be used to group the sheets into folders in the pictolist.
  • Icon picker can now handle larger amount of icons
  • Refresh pictolist is now also working in large network office mode
  • When no tag is set, the <no tag> is selected.
  • When you want to remove all tags, you simple select the <no tag>
  • When you want to rename a tag for 1 sheet, you unselect the ‘old’ tag and type a new one.
  • When multiple sheets have the same tag(s) you can do the same as above for al those sheets at once.
I am already working on improving the tags functionality, to make it easier to rename or delete a single tag etc.

Version 1.7.27

  • Picto.Cloud (beta), store your sheets online and synchronize them on multiple computers. Visit picto.cloud for registration and explanation. (Translation of picto.cloud is work in progress)
  • Time Timer clockwise. A Time Timer which works like a normal clock.
  • The image used for the empty picto was confusing for people.
  • Support for small screens improved in the page editor/picto creator
For system administrators: The picto.cloud options can be disabled completely by using the commandline parameter: -nocloud

Version 1.7.26

  • 300 Arasaac color pictos
  • 276 Arasaac black and white pictos. If you want to download only the new black and white images you can get them here.
  • When inserting a graphics object in a picto page the maximum size that will be stored is 1024x1024 (No longer picto pages that contain images with a size of 5MB)

Version 1.7.25

I’ve renamed the “Flexible Picto Sheet” to “Picto Page”. Video about the empty picto’s and their usage in picto pages: https://youtu.be/geaW-uApuF0 Added:
  • “Empty Picto” to picto pages, use this with the “Fill Empty” option to quickly add pictos from the picto list or toolbar to your picto page. This “Empty Picto” can have a border and all other options which will be used when inserting pictos.
  • Added the option to use the pictosheet wizard when creating a new picto page.
  • Added the “Fill Empty” option besides “Insert” and “Overwrite”, now using dropdown with images to change this.
  • Improved the conversion from picto sheet to picto page.
  • Picto sheet wizard: Splitted the layout options in two steps.
  • Bug: exception when overwriting a picto in the picto page which was used for a right mouse button menu before.
  • Bug: with too many rows / columns and fixed distances between them, sizes of pictos became negative which resulted in exceptions (fixed by using a minimum size for pictos).

Version 1.7.24

  • 1800 emoji (the smiley button in the pictosheet editors). I'm using the emojis of http://www.emojione.com
  • Added a “new picto” button in the editors, does the same as drag drop from pictolist
  • Button to hide and show the properties/preview panel in the flexible sheet editor
  • Button to hide and show the pictosheet list
  • Link to web pages in the layout template list (for stickers websites etc)
  • SVG support on Mac OSX computers

Version 1.7.22

  • New text pictos will be using a new render engine which is also available on Max OSX computers, this means that Mac users can now also create text pictos with markup
  • Croatian translation of the application
  • Background color information for the Arasaac pictos of the previous version
  • Background color button is replaced with a new dropdown color picker
  • Colorize color button is replaced with a new dropdown color picker
  • Before Colorize button is replaced with a new dropdown
  • Changing only a font in a pictosheet was not detected as a change
  • Fixed color pink storage
  • Posting to facebook should work now
  • Detect and save font changes for pictosheets and users

Version 1.7.21

  • 234 Arasaac pictos
  • 389 black and white Arasaac pictos
  • 23 font awesome icons
When you are already using the black and white pictos of Arasaac then you can download a smaller package with only the new new pictos . More information about the black and white pictos can be found at the download page.

Version 1.7.20

  • Color List, can be used in the color picker and managed in the administrator settings
  • Border List, can be used in the border settings dialog and managed in the administrator settings
  • Some Startup tips
  • Good HiDPI support, Picto-Selector will now scale with the chosen font size in Windows
  • Using the latest Delphi compiler now
  • Facebook API updated

Version 1.7.19

  • Windows large font setting is now properly supported. Until now the print preview was not correct with a very large margin at the right and bottom of the page.
  • Borders without rounding are now really without rounding
  • Photo pictos: better start rectangle when dropping images

Version 1.7.18

  • A topmost option to pictolist, this will keep the pictolist on top of other applications
  • Select other picto in picto property dialog (it is no longer needed to delete or replace pictos when you want to use another one)
  • Drag and drop of image files from Windows explorer and browser can now be used to add a picto to a pictosheet. A photo picto will be added in dynamic pictosheets and a image in a flexible sheet.

Version 1.7.17

  • Add borderstyle to pictosheet pictos, not only a solid line is now possible but also dotted, slashed etc.
  • Integration of Rewardcards into Picto-Selector (this was a separate application, this makes it easier for me to keep it updated). You can find it in the new Tools menu
  • Improved drawing of picto borders
  • Improved drawing of dotted/dashed lines
  • Use selected picto from picto list as fullsize picto instead of background image
  • Memory leak in print preview
  • Searching for pictos in the pictolist with ? * or \

Version 1.7.16

First of all best wishes for this new year! Added:
  • Pictolist: right mouse button menu item to create custom picto of currently selected picto
  • Flexible sheets and custom pictos: Curly Brace object ( { )
  • Flexible sheets and custom pictos: Added 220 Wheather icons (https://erikflowers.github.io/weather-icons/ )
  • Flexible sheets and custom pictos: Rotation of picto objects
  • Show (english) icon name in icon picker
  • Conversion to flexible sheets was not working
  • Translation of category group labels in administrator settings
  • Flexible sheets and custom pictos: improved rotation of draw objects (would go wrong in combination with resizing)

Version 1.7.15

  • Added Pink color, reordered some colors
  • 4 pictogenda pictos
  • Flexible sheets and custom pictos: Added property dialogs for drawing objects
  • Flexible sheets and custom pictos: Added Font Awesome as icon object
  • Lower the picto name print location for custom layout templates when 1 line is used
  • Pictocard: now uses Font Awesome icons
  • Flexible sheets and custom pictos: Text object is now using the same resize mechanics as the icon picto (only for new text objects)
  • Flexible sheets and custom pictos: Improved drawing of line arrows
There is a new icon object in the flexible sheets and custom pictos. It contains 605 Font Awesome icons: https://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/  

Version 1.7.14

  • Flexible sheets and custom pictos: Transparent background, this is used when saving the page or picto to a png file
  • Flexible sheets and custom pictos: object duplicate menu item for duplicating selected objects at the same place and select the newly created objects afterwards
  • Flexible sheets and custom pictos: added TextOffset X/Y for the text in rectangle / circle objects
  • Flexible sheets and custom pictos: Show which insertion button is active
  • Flexible sheets and custom pictos: Insert/overwrite option when overwrite is active it will replace the object that is currently pointed at
  • Help menu item to version information on the website
  • Picto Card layouts, use the pictosheet wizard or change layout button to change the size and margins for printing individual cards (as many cards as possible on 1 sheet)
  • Updated Delphi SVG library, improved support of SVG files
  • Flexible sheets and custom pictos: You can now change the currently inserted object type (press another insertion button)
  • Print job title is now send to printer spooler, this enables secure printing
  • Export and import of photo pictos: no longer turning black at import 2nd time; exporting the wrong image part after earlier import fixed

Version 1.7.13

  • Flexible sheets: double-click property dialogs
  • Print Title on all pages (can be changed in the pictosheet wizard)
  • Updated database drivers to latest 2.5.4 version of Firebird
  • Flexible sheets: improved speed when editing
  • Flexible sheets: Better snap to grid functionality
  • Flexible sheets: When inserting an object the cursor will now change to a cross with which you can select the area of the object and hold CTRL to insert multiple objects
  • Flexible sheets: Changed grid colors
  • Improved symbolset selection, custom pictos will now be selectable after first addition of a custom picto
  • Fixed error not loading cliparts in some situations

Version 1.7.12

  • “Open Clipart” support
  • Backspace key will now also delete pictos in the pictosheet (easier for macbook users)
  • Added some “before colorize” options (flip and rotate of pictos)
Open Clipart is a website with completely free clipart and can be used commercially and no attribution required. With www.openclipart.org in Picto-Selector you can access a clipart browser in the photo picto property dialog and as clipart object in flexible pictosheets and have access to over 80000 images. [easy-tweet tweet="openclipart.org in Picto-Selector" user="Gabberkooj" usehashtags="no"]

Version 1.7.11

  • Login dialog greeting
  • Donation code
  • Improved adjust picto functionality, added points which can be used as a kind of eraser
  • Swedish translation of application, thanks Magnus Österlund!
  • Pictoboard, timer picto will now always wait its time, but wait for the clock picto time on the same row before its countdown starts
  • Message layout of emails created by Picto-Selector
  • Picto buttons location in pictosheet editor for right to left languages
  • Showing timer picto properties: use the correct time
  • Pictoboard: improved start time of clock picto, it will now always start on the first second of a minute

Version 1.7.10

  • Language selector to login dialog
  • Pictosheet wizard. With this the most common options can be adjusted when creating new pictosheets. This wizard can be used later on to adjust those settings. (right mouse button menu option)
  • Added 'nosheetwizard' commandline option
  • Fixed coordination constraints for adjusting picto

Version 1.7.9

Picto-Selector is 6 years old this month :-) Fixed:
  • Fixed error in resizing pictos in flexible pictosheets
  • Improved Undo/Redo functions in flexible pictosheets while changing the layout
  • Added Croation to the installer
  • Fixed German translation error in message about deleting custom pictos

Version 1.7.7

  • Croatian translation of all pictos by Vedran Jelicic
  • Color history to color picker dialog, this will make it easier to reuse custom colors selected for backgrounds etc
  • Search in sheetlist for advanced users (the button next to the text field will search the next sheet in the list that contains the entered text)
  • Multiple languages search in pictolist. Select the languages you want to use when searching in Settings > User > Language (You can now search a dutch word while showing the English picto names)
  • Replace Colors (advanced user) option has now become a Adjust Picto option. With more possibilities to make changes to the picto in the pictosheet

Version 1.7.6


  • 6 new and update Koningskind pictos
  • 18 new Pictogenda pictos, used for australian version (that is the reason they have AUS in their name)
  • Export to ribbon (File > Export to Ribbon or Alt-L), export all pictos in a dynamic pictosheet to a image of a single row of pictos to the clipboard
  • Czech to the about box
  • Border on/off to settings

Picto ribbons

You can now export your picto sheets as image ribbons,  for a detailed explanation see: http://www.pictoselector.eu/portfolio-view/create-a-picto-ribbon/

Version 1.7.4

  • More Swedish translations
  • Network pictos dialog had a wrong title.
  • Some “Large network” options improved (not properly storing of symbols sets / replacing existing pszip files)

Version 1.7.3

  • Some errors while importing and exporting pictosheets with photo pictos
  • Large networks – office mode will now rename existing pictosheet files to a backup file before saving.
  • Changed the position of picto texts with the option ‘in symbol top’ and ‘in symbol bottom’, giving the text a bit more space from the border

Version 1.7.2

  • Textbar picto;
Textbar picto It is now possible to add a text which is spanning multiple columns. After this textbar you will need empty pictos. You can set the number of columns you want to use for each textbar.

Version 1.7.1

  • 88 new Sclera pictos;
  • Option in the Admin settings to disable the saving of selected symbolsets;
  • You can now also enter proxy server and proxy port;
  • Manage custom pictos - normal users can only delete their own pictos;

Version 1.7.0

  • Pictosheets Online;
  • Storage of SMTP server and never check for updates has been changed. If you use this then you will have to change it again. It is now stored for everyone using the same database and does not longer depend on the computer it is running on;
  • Improved handling of corrupt images;
  • Improved support of older Word versions;
  • Added verification of user and network pictos;
  • Send to group option;
Pictosheets Online Share your pictosheets online and find pictosheets other people have shared. There are a few important things:
  • Sharing and removing pictosheets can be done by using the pictosheet list;
  • You can only remove your own pictosheets;
  • When you share you should always ask yourself if it is ok that other people can download the pictosheets, it is probably best to avoid personal photo’s;
  • You should select the language used in the pictosheets while uploading;
  • Pictosheets are separated by language. Every search works for one language;
  • How more you describe about the pictosheets the easier people will find it;
  • Currently you can add 6 tags at maximum to a shared pictosheet;
  • Users of 1 database are considered as 1 online user, the database identifies the user. In network situations you can assign rights to Picto-Selector users for deleting and sharing pictosheets;