It is possible to create a placemet layout template and create your own placemets.

In this example you can add 2 large pictos, surrounded by smaller ones.

Placemet Example 2

Placemet Example

To add and use this layout template, please follow those steps:

Download Layout template

Download Example pictosheet

  • Save both layout template and pictosheet example files to a download folder you will remember
  • First import the layout template
    • Make sure you are logged in as administrator in Picto-Selector
    • Make sure you are using the advanced user settings: “Settings” > “Advanced user”
    • Then import the layout template: “Settings” > “Manage Layout Templates” > “Import…” and select the saved template file
  • Then import the example
    • “File” > “Import sheets”

You can now select the layout template in the pictosheet editor or use the imported example as starting point.


2 Responses

  1. Hello, I downloaded your software a while ago, then began to use it just now. I updated the software so it is up-to-date now. I'm followed the instructions for the Placemet template and I'm unable to import the template file - it isn't recognized. This page: The links to the template/sheet look like they were uploaded to your site this year so I'm not sure why the template isn't working, but please look into it. I really like this template and cannot figure out how to make it on my own. Many thanks for all your wonderful efforts! Angela
    • Martijn van der Kooij
      As far as I can see the download works, are you sure it is saved with the original name? You say it is not recognized. Do you mean you can not select it when you try to import it? Or is there an error while importing? Martijn

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