Version 1.7.0


  • Pictosheets Online;


  • Storage of SMTP server and never check for updates has been changed. If you use this then you will have to change it again. It is now stored for everyone using the same database and does not longer depend on the computer it is running on;
  • Improved handling of corrupt images;
  • Improved support of older Word versions;
  • Added verification of user and network pictos;


  • Send to group option;

Pictosheets Online
Share your pictosheets online and find pictosheets other people have shared.

There are a few important things:

  • Sharing and removing pictosheets can be done by using the pictosheet list;
  • You can only remove your own pictosheets;
  • When you share you should always ask yourself if it is ok that other people can download the pictosheets, it is probably best to avoid personal photo’s;
  • You should select the language used in the pictosheets while uploading;
  • Pictosheets are separated by language. Every search works for one language;
  • How more you describe about the pictosheets the easier people will find it;
  • Currently you can add 6 tags at maximum to a shared pictosheet;
  • Users of 1 database are considered as 1 online user, the database identifies the user. In network situations you can assign rights to Picto-Selector users for deleting and sharing pictosheets;

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